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The ShieldIO
Secure Data Platform


The ShieldIO Secure Data Platform is at the heart of our all applications. Managing access, encryption, fuzzy logic, distributed ledger and the federated access to the different secured and unsecured data stores using what we coined Real Time Homomorphic Encryption.

The encryption process is AES 256 Symmetric Encryption using derived keys, one for each encryption process. The keys are never stored in a KeyStore, making insider or backdoor access impossible. The platform utilizes - High Performance Computing, Extreme Memory & Processor Management; - Artificial Intelligence manages the creation of the keys from various random inputs; - Natural Language Understanding manages the federated access and Fuzzy Logic engines.

Securing Access Through the Shield

ShieldIO secures data at all possible points of vulnerability: the request, processing, and backend data stores. Every data request must be validated at each of these three points before moving forward, eliminating all possible intrusions to the enterprise system, all in a matter of milliseconds.

Phase 1

Protect the Request Entry Point

ShieldIO first isolates the request from the requestor. By terminating the original connection, ShieldIO stops any potential bad actors whom may have piggybacked on the requestor's connection. The Isolated request is then encrypted, digitallly signed, and sent to the ShieldIO’s processing phase.

Phase 2

Analyze the Request for Threats

The ShieldIO’s secure, sealed memory container opens a unique, dynamically allocated port to be used for accepting the encrypted request. Here, ShieldIO ensures no vulnerabilities are associated with the request itself. After undergoing the ShieldIO’s threat analysis, it is then re-encrypted and re-digitally signed before being sent to the connection phase.

Phase 3

Establish Secure Connection

Shield opens a new dynamically allocated port that securley connects to data infrastructures. It determines the associated backend datastores, and encrypted data that will need to be returned. ShieldIO then retrives the necessary information from the appropriate database(s).

Why ShieldIO’s Secure Data Platform

ShieldIO has a number of advantages over the competing technologies. Coming from a Data-Centric view point we see that data is crucial and that it can also be vital to an organization’s well-being. So, placing barriers in its way to use is detrimental to an organization.

ShieldIO’s Intelligent Secure Data Platform is a breakthrough in data security primarily because it utilizes keystore-less encryption driven by Artificial Intelligence to eliminate the obsolete paradigm around traditional data protection using keystores. Each encryption process is managed using AI algorithms for a uniquely derived, in-memory key that is never stored, thus protecting data at rest, in transit and in use. The Secure Data Platform dynamically encrypts and protects sensitive data without changing the underlying structure, access rights, or application access. Using the ShieldIO Secure Data Platform eliminates the ability for a hacker to access a keystore, and thereby access to the database.

Our platform and products are currently in the process of being patented. With 4 Patents Pending on:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence (Data Security) x 2
  • Zero KeyStore Encryption

In addition, one of our founders and CTO Simon Bain, holds 8 patents for:

  • Homomorphic Encryption
  • Enhanced Searching
  • Secure Document Indexing
  • Secure Digital Rights for Documents
  • More Searching and Security related technologies.

“Lock up your data, Not your access...”

Get in touch with ShieldIO and try the demo with your own data.

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