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Post Industry Event POV: Security Concerns Are Still Challenging Enterprise Progression


Post Industry Event POV: Security Concerns Are Still Challenging Enterprise Progression

  • Posted on August 30, 2018

Last week, several of ShieldIO’s leaders, CEO, Simon Bain, COO and SVP of Business Development, AJ Jennings and SVP of Partner Engagement, Marina Simonians, attended the inaugural Arrow Technology Summit in Denver, a premier event for IT Value Added Resellers (VARs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Systems Integrators (Sis).

The Arrow Technology Summit is for IT partners and solution providers who are actively seeking the information, opportunities and relationships that will grow their bottom line. ATS brings together leading industry experts to give you the actionable information and perspectives you need to grow your IT business.

At ShieldIO, we are big fans of industry events, as they are a great opportunity to understand market trends and challenges, share information, learn from peers, and speak directly to people on what problems they need addressed and what they are currently lacking. ATS was no different and was a great summit focused on bringing companies together to address the changing digital enterprise landscape.

ShieldIO was honored to not only attend but be a sponsor at the event and showcase our breakthrough Secure Data Platform that enables businesses to strengthen their offerings to data-driven industries, especially in the areas of security, edge computing, the internet of things, hybrid cloud, data intelligence, analytics and next-gen data centers.

One of the most interesting takeaways was understanding that all the companies we met with are plagued with the same challenge: the desire to embrace digital innovation into their solutions and help customers unlock the value of their data analytics, yet they are unable to securely open up their data. We heard countless stories from senior execs wary of the current data security solutions that promise protection with solutions that rely on application level security, data masking applications and other encryption algorithms that have been proven to leave open massive security threats. We heard everything from those who were terrified of losing keys, opening up databases to the cloud, and even those unsure of how to back up their databases.

It is evident enterprises are looking to increase their value with innovative digital services and maximize the value of their data assets. However, data security is challenging enterprise progression. As part of these conversations, we were delighted with the reaction received by our Secure Data Platform to address these setbacks.

The Platform uniquely protects all data, while maintaining security for searching, analytics, and use, unlocking valuable data to become an asset for companies and preventing data breaches. Our service acts as a layer between the user/application and the back-end data, and has no reliance on a keystore, which resonated with many who are wary to keeping encryption keys proven to be ineffective. Instead, its uses an AI engine to manage the encryption process to completely mitigate any access to data by attacking a keystore. ShieldIO’s Secure Solution encrypts down to the sub-field level with each encryption process being handled with a uniquely derived key which is never stored, eliminating internal and external threats while protecting data at rest, in transit, and in use.

As a result, the Platform enables enterprises to securely deploy innovative applications, cloud services, and analytics that they desperately need, without opening their data to massive, widespread, and malicious security threats.

Overall, it was a very successful event with over 300 companies attending and we gave 60 demos on how our solution is uniquely suited to enable partners and resellers in their efforts to leverage valuable new insights on customer and company data, while preventing internal and external data breaches. We left the summit upbeat with our message and solution resonating with most of the conference attendees.