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Rethinking the Why of Data Protection


Rethinking the Why of Data Protection

  • Posted By AJ
  • On December 8, 2018

ShieldIO Demystifies the Complexity of Data

Data Security, Data Encryption, Data Protection and various forms of what security companies sell to lock down data is not solving the problem and hasn’t for decades. You have only to look at the daily news feeds that highlight continued and growing breaches and thefts of Databases supposedly protected by all the BOFFIN and market spun nomenclature above. The way the market thinks about encryption of Databases is no longer valid. Just ask companies like Home Depot, Facebook, Ticketmaster, Samsung, Marriott, the NSA or the Democrat National Committee.

The notion of Data Protection starts from the premise of locking down the data. ShieldIO has reimagined this position as it’s fundamentally the antithesis of what companies and the market continually demand. Data is the core of an organizations business and focusing on making it available and useable while maintaining its integrity is what ShieldIO has done and what the market is demanding

Creating a new method of protection that ensures PII, PHI and other confidential data remains just that, while allowing for analytics on that data enables organizations to monetize new and previously elusive lines of business.