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Don’t become the next victim of Sensitive Data Exposure...

ShieldIO proactivley prevents all internal and external vulnerability exploitations comming from all attack vectors.

Even a successful brute force attack on ShieldIO’s Secure Data Platform becomes irrelevant. If a Database is stolen and a brute force attack results in a key being generated that key would only enable single or partial field level decryption within an entire Database.
Alternative methods of breaking a cipher like side-channel or cryptanalysis become moot. The Secure Data Platform’s AI encryption begins with symmetric key generation. Our AI engine then breaks that apart with a byzantine algorithm and then re-encrypts asymmetrically with an AI based byzantine algorithm. This AI based encryption sequence takes the opportunity out of attacking the actual implementation of the cypher as the design of the key is random and always changing. In fact, the engine is equipped with randomization at nearly 54 Trillion combinations per encrypted field (on top of AES256) and is designed to never repeat itself.
Sensitive data exposure can be crippling. The ultimate prevention technique is to not ask for sensitive data to begin with, those days are long gone. Existing alternatives remediate by developing with and analyzing mock data, encrypting with ciphers that are vulnerable to weak key generation, and limiting access to keys. ShieldIO eliminates the data from ever being exposed by encrypting it with dynamic keys down to the subfield level. Someome could have the sensitive data, and not be able to do anything with it or see who the it belongs to.
Traditional remediation involves minimizing components, patching regularly and monitoring logs sufficiently. ShieldIO minimizes the impact of every known vulnerability attack to the informational level by encrypting data down to the subfield level with transient keys that are never stored. Sensitive data obtained by this exploit would be so small and so secure that the attacker would not be able to do anything with it.

“Lock up your data, Not your access...”

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