How it Works

Acting as a ‘Driver’ between the applications/users/edge devices and the database, the Secure Autonomous Drivers are able to work directly on the database without requiring the calling message to be altered. The ShieldIO Driver manages the data sources, choosing which fields need to be serviced from which data source (Original or Secured). It passes the queries across to the relevant sources and when it has the results back, based on the callee having the required database/application permission(s) it will reconfigure the data results bringing all the sources together. The Driver then decrypts where possible or required and passes back to the callee a single result set.

Why SHIELDIO Secure Autonomous Drivers™

The inability for network, application level security, data masking applications and other tools to stop the insider and outsider threat means that organizations remain in a constant state of risk. Database encryption technologies such as TDE do nothing to prevent data loss unless it is from a stolen disk drive, and other database encryption technologies require massive data disturbance and reconfiguration, requiring 000’s of man hours and a severe risk of project cost overrun and failure. In addition, all of these systems utilize encryption KeyStore’s to manage the decryption process. This leaves a fundamental weakness in the organizations security, that a large number of database hacks are exploiting on a daily basis.