ShieldIO Delivers Cyber Resilience
ShieldIO's Secure Shield and Developer Shield products protect the most valuable asset that organizations' possess, their currency of trust.

Data remains encrypted whether it is at rest or in transit to the application layer. The encryption process is AES 256 without a Key Store, ensuring that any back-door hack attack is immediately disabled. Our approach supports all database functions, and will also keep track of data changes before they are actioned in the database itself.

Secure Shield

Secure Shield is ShieldIO's data privacy platform that features of suite of features deployable across an organization's surface area of data vulnerability. Using ShieldIO's proprietary Artificial Intelligence (aaRdra) engine and autonomous driver technologies, it can deliver granular data protection throughout an organization - easily, economically, and rapidly scalable.

Encrypted Data at Rest and to the Application Layer

Redundant Security Levels

Search on Encrypted Data

Sub-Field Level encrypted search

Distributed Encryption - DNet - Architecture

ShieldIO has a number of advantages over the competing technologies. Coming from a data-centric view point we see that data is crucial and that it can also be vital to an organization’s well-being. So, placing barriers in its way to use is detrimental to an organization.

At its heart the ShieldIO solution ensures that your data is encrypted no matter where it is in its lifecycle be that at rest, in-transit or in use. Using AES 256 without a KeyStore immediately disables any back-door hack, not only increasingly the security of your data, but dramatically reducing management costs. Our secure autonomous driver supports all database functions and keeps track of data changes before they are actioned in the database. Our approach ensures ease of implementation with driver replacement.

For organizations this means that they can not only minimize the risk of data loss, stay ahead of data changes, face minimal implementation and running costs, and all helping to meet the increasing challenges of regulation driven by CCPA, NYCRR500 and GDPR.


No Key Stores to manage

Limited to no latencies in encrypted search

Unprecedented ease of deployment and management

Database, application and location agnostic

Functional use cases across the spectrum


Oracle 12+


Google Big Query






Developer Shield


Developing against real, live data has always been the gold standard for application developers and testers — but security and compliance concerns have continued to move that data further out of reach. Developer Shield is an innovative solution based on our secure autonomous driver, which solves this problem by allowing developers to access and use real, live data securely, revolutionizing the development process while maintaining speed and security levels that until now have been elusive.

Developer Shield is designed to enable organizations to remove one of the biggest obstacles to cloud adoption – Access to sensitive data required by the testers in the cloud for accurate testing using real data. Sensitive data remains encrypted at rest, inuse and in transit while allowing testing to take place on data without decrypting.

Risk is reduced as there are no KeyStores to attack, and data is accessible and encrypted whether in use, in transit and at rest. For organizations whose data is their business, this solution will enable you to unlock the value of dark data.

No KeyStores
to hack

Stable Test/Dev


Encryption with
no performance