Real Time Homomorphic

With ShieldIO, the “Holy Grail of Encryption” moves out of the
Science-Lab and into Production Run Real time Search and Mathematics
on Encrypted Data, Without the Need to Decrypt.

Put simply homomorphic encryption is a method of performing
calculations on encrypted data without the need to decrypt it. As a result,
data remains encrypted at all points in its lifecycle and computations
on that data remain encrypted and secure.

Encrypt data at rest, in-flight and in use

Real time homomorphic encryption

Database Encryption

Sub-Field Level encrypted search

ShieldIO’s Real Time Homomorphic Encryption delivered though our Secure Autonomous Drivers has eliminated the legacy problems of high compute latencies and the weakness of a Keystore associated with Homomorphic Encrypted data.

Through ShieldIO, Homomorphic Encryption can be used encryption of data at rest, in flight and in use, all without the need to decrypt or rely on a Keystore. ShieldIO enables full search and querry return on encrypted data at Alex-like speed and accuracy. This allows organization to remove regulated privacy barriers holding back data sharing and data monetization.